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Practical Guide for Communication on Progress (10/14/2010)
This Practical Guide was developed by an International Group of Experts to provide simple advice and practical tips for companies of every size, industry and geographic origin in the preparation of their COP. ...
Communication on Engagement (COE) (7/14/2010)
How to prepare an annual COP? (7/14/2010)
Become Member of GCNV, you have chance to get benefits including joining our capacity building programs as: training course, workshops, and seminars on Global Compact Principles and how to prepare a COP. Please kindly find the COP Template as a simple guidance for your companies’ reference. ...
Create and submit your COP (4/29/2010)
Your COP should be fully integrated into your company’s main stakeholder communications, most often your annual or sustainability report. To assist you in developing your COP, below are tools and guidance ranging from introductory material on how to fulfill the requirements to more advanced resources which help companies develop comprehensive and integrated reports. Importantly, your COP must be submitted online before your deadline in order to fulfil your annual reporting commitment. More information about the online submission process and deadlines is below. ...
Why report? (4/29/2010)
Reporting to stakeholders in a transparent and public manner is fundamental for companies committed to sustainability. Your company’s annual Communication on Progress (COP) is a key component your commitment to the UN Global Compact. ...
The Communication on Progress (COP) in Brief (4/29/2010)
Submitting an annual COP is at the heart of your company’s commitment to the UN Global Compact and provides valuable information to your stakeholders. The overall format of a COP is flexible and COPs can be prepared in any language as long as they meet the minimum requirements below. ...