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Why are transparent companies more successful?

Transparency - one of the elements building foundation for a good company - is becoming an influential part in making decision about which enterprises are better to work and devote for. In the long run, transparency could help creating a healthier working environment, leading to a more productive workforce, and generating greater outcome. It directly touches human factor where HR management engages in deeply.

Those issues have discussed by participants, keynote speakers and businessmen during the CSR Calendar Forum on Fair Operating: WHY ARE TRANSPARENT COMPANIES MORE SUCCESSFUL?, held on 28th May 2015 in Ho Chi Minh City.


Mr. Nguyen Quang Vinh, member of the Standing Committee of VCCI, Director General of SDforB, VCCI and Representative of GCNV said, transparent issues are catching attention of business community. Lately, VCCI has been appointed to carry out the Action Plan on Enhancing Integrity Implementation Initiative in Business. This is considered as an opportunity to improve business environment. Transparency is an important element to improve productivity and gain trust from stakeholders, increase employee’s loyalty and contribute to sustainable development of a business.

UNIDO Representative to Viet Nam Mr. Patrick Gilabert

UNIDO highly respects the long-term cooperation with VCCI, in particular SDforB as an effective channel to reach out to both businesses and policy makers, said UNIDO Representative to Viet Nam Mr. Patrick Gilabert. He continued, jointly implemented with SDforB, our program on Social Responsibility - ISO26000 has been a great success for years. UN Global Compact in Viet Nam was established in Viet Nam under VCCI in 2007. Since then, UNIDO always commits and supports 10 UNGC principles in the light of ISID as the extended contextual scope of UNIDO. This clearly shows One UN spirit and tightens our relationship with VCCI.

Regarding ISO 26000 and transparency, Mr. Florian Beranek - Lead Expert Social Responsibility of UNIDO added, ISO26000 is a comprehensive guidelines highlighting holistic approach to business operation. 7 principles of this standard are considered equally important, however 1 of them takes a greater role and serves as foundation for others, named: Transparency. Without transparency, it is hard to follow other principles. No transparency, how can accountability be taken? How can national laws and international norms be complied? How can stakeholders be respected? And not only for ISO26000, it applies for any companies. Business needs transparency in operation, in development, in reaching customers and in competition in the market.

The afternoon session of the calendar moderated by Mr. Florian Beranek - Lead Expert Social Responsibility of UNIDO about Growing transparent HR management tree attracted participants.

They were actively discussing and drawing HR management tree.

This is counted as the 28th CSR Calendar Forum and serves as a platform for enterprises to join multi-stakeholder dialogues to raise awareness of 6 core subjects of CSR based on ISO26000 and 10 principles of UNGC. The project, besides series of Calendar Fora, also welcomes enterprises to in-class and in-house CSR training courses.

Vietnamese SMEs GCNV members located in greater Ho Chi Minh and greater Ha Noi will be provided with 1-day CSR consultancy about ISO 26000 and information on related topic in long term.

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