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Meet to meet the SDG- How business sector can benefit from the Agenda 2030?"

In September 2015 Leaders of 193 United Nations member states have adopted the Agenda 2030 summarized in the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which address the challenges of economic development, social inclusion, environmental sustainability, and good governance.

Our April Business- Edition of the CSR Calendar Forum is intended to be the starting point to mainstream the opportunities and the responsibilities the SDGs are bearing for the private sector in Vietnam based on the two localized global initiatives UN Global Compact Network Vietnam (GCVN) and Vietnam Business Council for Sustainable Development (VBCSD) which will support entrepreneurs to start their global journey on the national level. What can the SDG mean for entrepreneurs? What is the scope? Who can support me? and finally: What is in for me?

In his opening speech, Mr. Nguyen Quang Vinh- Deputy Secretary General of VCCI- stressed that the Agenda 2030 with its 17 Sustainable Development Goals is a call for businesses to take over their role on the journey towards more inclusive, sustainable and equal global economy.

The UN Global Compact Network Vietnam is a practical approach for businesses to make the SDG become true. It's a great opportunity but also our duty to join forces. VCCI with its SD4B is strongly committed to be a local SDG pioneer and to provide to the private sector guidance, network, know-how, and recognition to make the SDGs a sustainable success for all businesses in Vietnam.

By having attended this workshop, UN and UN organizations expressed their keen interest in promoting every single UN member state to realize 17 SDGs in the next 15 years. Ms. Pratibha Mehta- UN Resident Coordinator in Vietnam, UNDP Resident Representative- said: "The United Nations recognize that business is a key partner in development- it always has been, and its role will be central to achieving the SDGs. The SDGs are particularly suited to the ore complex issues faced by middle income countries like Vietnam.The scale and transformative approach adopted by the SDGs, requires that the goals become the responsibility of everyone- of government, of businesses and civil society- working together to deliver solutions and outcomes. Businesses have the power to become change leaders for social good and innovations for inclusive and equitable societies. This requires new thinking and idea sharing, beginning with broad dialogues like "Meet to meet the SDG" today.

In his welcome speech, Mr. Patrick Gilabert- UNIDO Representative Vietnam- said that "the United Nations' Industrial Development Organization- UNIDO- maintains per se a close cooperation with industries and businesses also here in Vietnam. The opportunity to engage with the private sector in the light of the SDGs will hust strengthen this long time partnership. I'm convinced that in a joint effort the contribution of the private sector to the entire Agenda 2030 will result in a more inclusive and sustainable economy. We as UNIDO are proud to be pert of this journey and will support continuously the critical dialogue as seen today with "Meet to meet the SDG".

The workshop warmly welcomed Mdm. Pham Chi Lan- National Lead Economist. In her presentation on  How the Sustainable Development Goals - SDG can guide businesses to make the Vision Vietnam 2035 become true, she stressed " Meet to meet the UN SDGs for the period 2015-2030 is also the works which we need to do so as to achieve the aspiration of Vietnam 2035: Towards Prosperity, Innovation, Equity, and Democracy. The government, businesses and society are all responsible and also beneficial in meeting those goals. The success can be achieved only when we all together do our best".

The forum’s participants also identified many opportunities and challenges they saw in each SDG. After the coffee break, Mr. Florian Beranek- Principle Expert Societal Responsibility & RBC- facilitated the SDG Marketplace session. Every participant was given 12 blue and 12 red dots and expressed their opinions on two questions of each SDG by putting the dots on the marketplace posters. All participants, speakers and moderators then hold a very lively and inspiring discussion on the results of this marketplace session.

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to download the workshop materials.

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