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Benefits of GCNV Membership
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Benefits of GCNV Membership
The Benefits of being a Member of the GCNV

Membership of the GCNV offers a number of direct and indirect benefits to companies, academic institutions and NGO’s alike.


 Access to the services offered by the GCNV Team

  • Guidance: Free advice from our team of international and national experts on corporate social responsibility issues in Vietnam; support on developing in-house corporate social responsibility programs and reporting frame works and free access to our resources.
  • Capacity building: Participate in our training on key aspects of corporate social responsibility, including managing programmes and implementing the Global Compact Principles.
  • Networking opportunities: Meet and connect with a range of national and international stakeholders working on corporate social responsibility issues in Vietnam and abroad.
  • Vietnam solutions: Work in partnership with national and international companies, NGOs, labour and governments and UN agencies to develop practical, local solutions to promoting corporate social responsibility in Vietnam.


  • Risk management: Identify opportunities for reducing potential corporate social responsibility risks in your business.
  • Staff motivation: Increase employee morale and productivity, attract and retain the best employees.
  • Competitive advantage: Send a clear message to your customers that you are a visionary company.



The GCNV requests that all  its members commit to adhering to all of the ten principles of the UNGC. We ask that member companies communicate annually on the progress that they have made in implementing the ten principles. This report, referred to as a “Communication on Progress” (COP) should contain a Statement from the Chief Executive Officer of your company expressing his/her on-going commitment to the GC principles. In addition it needs to contain a list of all the activities that your company has undertaken in implementing the GC principles and a list of improvements that you have seen as a result  of them.

Non-business members are not required to submit a COP, but COE.